May 9, 2023

ECO is on the Move!


We have some big and exciting news at ECO….we are moving!  For the last six months, the Synod Executive Council (SEC) has been exploring the possibility of moving the office to a more central location. So, the main ECO office will be relocating to Irving, TX, which is in the greater Dallas area, conveniently located in between DFW and Love Field airports.

In our early days, a central office wasn’t necessary, and in some ways it was advantageous for key staff to be spread out. We have held various meetings, trainings, and retreats across the country and our hosting churches have been wonderfully gracious partners. However, it is challenging when there are so many different hotels in various distances away from our meeting places, and it takes quite a bit of administrative staff time to host events in so many different locations. In addition, with the introduction of Flourish Institute of Theology, there is an even greater need for centralization. While we have no desire or need for a massive headquarters, we did want to have a space where we could better serve our churches and leaders.

In the larger study, the SEC asked a variety of questions and determined the factors that were priorities in a new office space. After much research, we were able to find space in a wonderful building at a very affordable price. There are walkable hotels which will save money and the hassle of rental cars. There are many walkable restaurants and catering services. The office is only 15 minutes from DFW and Love Field by car and 20 minutes by the light rail station. 

More information will come soon, but let me answer two questions for now:

  1. What is the timing of this relocation? The suite that we have leased is currently being renovated and should be finished in July. We will have appropriate supplies from our California office moved over the summer. We will likely begin to use the new space as our official office in the fall.
  2. Who is moving to Dallas? In contemplating this move, it has been helpful to learn from our friends in the EPC who moved their offices from Detroit to Orlando several years ago. They encouraged us to think about what roles need to be present in the office, what roles can be remote, and what is the frequency of in-person collaboration. We are not quite through finishing this process but we do know that a couple of administrative people will be present when the office opens. Some staff, like myself, will move out in stages. And some will remain remote.

We are very excited about the move to Dallas and the ways in which it will allow us to serve our congregations and leaders more easily and effectively. As you can imagine, there are also a myriad of challenges that are created with such a transition and we ask for prayers and grace as we move forward. As in all things, we pray that our new location will serve to help us help you abundantly flourish in your local church setting. We look forward to seeing what God can do in and through each of you as we work together for the flourishing of His Kingdom! 

In Christ,


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