ECO is committed to a clearly-articulated, Christ-centered theology that propels our ministry and mission.

A Common Theological Core

One of the founding principles of ECO was uniting pastors and congregations around a common theological core. The goal is not to be same-minded, but like-minded. We affirm that theological consensus around certain essentials is foundational for a healthy denomination. As a covenant community, our unity derives from a clearly-articulated theology that is Christ-centered, Reformed, and evangelical.

The ECO Constitution, included in our polity document, outlines our behavioral and theological essentials and requires that all officers “receive, adopt, and be bound by” these essentials tenets.

We offer curricula to equip leaders to teach the Reformed faith in their congregations.

The goal is for more people to know — and apply — God’s Word in daily life.

We believe churches flourish when both leaders and members engage in thoughtful theological reflection. One of the treasures of the Reformed heritage is an emphasis on theological education, constant learning, and the life of the mind.

ECO Essential Tenets & Confessions

The foundational beliefs that unite and bind us.

Key Documents

French Confession

A confession of faith fashioned in common accord by the churches dispersed in France (1559).

Ministry Tools

What We Are “For” & What Drives Us Forward

ECO is committed to growing and planting flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Key Documents

Understanding ECO

11 Characteristics of Our Polity & Vision

Key Documents

Five Shifts For The Future

In the middle of May, the ECO Synod Executive Council met for a day. We spent some time thinking about the future and looking at where we need to spend our time and energy for future development. We took a look at our mission statement, “to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.” We began to ask, “what are the road blocks keeping our churches and leaders from flourishing?”

Key Documents

Essential Tenets in Arabic

The ECO Essential Tenets has been translated for our Arabic speaking members.

Key Documents

Essential Tenets in Spanish

The ECO Essential Tenets has been translated for our Spanish speaking members.

Key Documents


Essential Tenet Leadership Guide

Key Documents

Essential Tenets in Korean

The ECO Essential Tenets has bee translated for our Korean speaking members.

Key Documents