Global Engagement
June 16, 2021

The Uneven Retreat of the COVID Pandemic


For the first time in over a year, we are starting to see people’s faces again – without the screen. Oh how I have missed the smiles and laughs! What a joy it is to see the COVID-19 pandemic start coming to an end here in the United States. There is no question this past year has presented us with challenges and unexpected changes. Whether it be new hobbies, a new outlook on life or the loss of a loved one, for many, these changes will be permanent ones. The time spent in quarantine and lockdown is time we will not easily forget. 
Yet, while it feels like we are on the final stretch to putting the pandemic lock-downs behind us here, many people in the world continue to face lock-downs, overwhelmed medical care systems, and economic crisis. Please join us in continuing fervently in prayer and support for our global neighbors as they continue to press on in response to the pandemic.
Our mission partner organizations continue to provide relief and support to global partners as they face the on-going crisis of COVID. They are happy to help you connect and give in response to the need.

ECO Global Engagement Partners:

If you are interested in specifically aiding India as they experience and respond to the severe wave of the coronavirus, here are a sampling of the ministries that ECO churches have supported for COVID relief: (First Presbyterian Church, Douglasville, GA) (Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX) (Glenkirk Church, Glendale, CA) (Grace Commons, Boulder, CO) (Third Church, Richmond, VA)

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