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November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Hymn


This Thanksgiving Hymn was written by Rev. Dr. Richard Gibbons from First Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC. Last week while traveling with colleagues in China he penned this hymn to share with his congregation on Thanksgiving weekend. You too are warmly invited to use this hymn this weekend.

A Thankful Nation
(Tune: Holtz Planet Suite – I Vow to Thee My Country)

A thankful nation offers
dependent family prayers.
With pilgrim hearts we gather
expressing joyful praise.
Your mercy is unceasing,
Your grace our daily bread.
Your providence eternal,
this nation you have led.
Your guiding hand brings freedom
from misplaced fears and plans.
The crises of the future
remain within your plan.

In God we trust, believing
the promise of your word,
Your hand sustains, affirming
the wonders of your love.
Your grace, it knows no boundaries,
transcends the test of time;
for sacrifice births freedom
upheld by love divine.
The years before us call us,
to trust and faith and prayer.
Our nations hope and freedoms
remain within your care.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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