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September 16, 2015

Stories From The Mission Field


Earlier this year we moved from the Middle East to North Africa where only 1 in 11,000 people know the Father. In fact, few people have any access to the gospel. This means that if a random person in this country wanted to learn about our Savior, there would probably not be anyone to tell him. There would not be a church or bookstore to visit where they could ask or learn about Jesus. How then will people learn? Probably through an encounter with someone like us who are here to share the Good News.

We are looking forward to making this place our home and plan to settle down here for the foreseeable future. We were compelled to move here to build a life among these people because they are among the people of the world that have the least chance to hear about Jesus. What does it look like to share about Jesus here? It often looks different but we want to begin to share with you what life, and sharing, looks like over here. Listen in to the conversation below…

In a taxi after the normal greetings and talking about where we are going:

Driver: Did you hear about the American that killed 3 Muslims in America (referring to the incident in North Carolina in February)?

Me: Yes, I did. I was so sad to hear that. What a tragedy. Do you know what I think the problem is?

Driver: What is that?

Me: I think the problem is in our hearts. All of us are afraid of what we don’t understand. Then sometimes we respond horribly because of the fear in our hearts.

Driver: This is true. All of us here are afraid of [ISIS].

Me: Yes, [ISIS] live off of fear. You know…I am a follower of Jesus and it says in the [New Testament] something very important about this. It says, “perfect love casts out fear.” I think that more of us need that kind of love that only comes from Jesus. This will change our hearts.

Please pray for us as we continue to share about Jesus with those around us who don’t know the truth about Jesus. We seek to bring up Jesus in as many conversations as possible so that people who are spiritually hungry will come to us with questions.

Missionaries “K” & “M” have just begun their ministry in North Africa, where they work with a church planting team as well as with a business that recruits college graduates interested in exploring their ministry for at least a year. This internship program eposes students to the Bible, theology, Islam, church planting strategy and principles of doing business in a missional way. “K” will head up the discipleship and teaching for the internship program next year while “M” continues to raise their daughter and build relationships with many other mothers in their neighborhood.

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