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Welcome to the ECO Podcast Network, your go-to source for insightful and engaging podcasts from the vibrant ECO community. Dive into “Flourishing in Real Life,” where each episode takes you through authentic conversations about ministry, life, and leadership. Hear real stories of struggles and victories from people on their journey to flourishing, offering you candid discussions, laughter, and valuable insights to inspire and equip you. Then, join us on the “It Actually Happened in Church Podcast,” as we share entertaining and often humorous stories from real churches, providing expert analysis on what worked and what didn’t. Laugh along with us and learn from the experiences of others in the ECO community.

Flourishing In Real Life

On each episode of the Flourishing in Real Life podcast we dive deep into honest conversations about ministry, life, and leadership. Each episode we will bring you real stories, struggles, and victories from people figuring out what it looks like to flourish. No matter where you are in ministry, this podcast is for you. Get ready for some candid conversations, a few laughs, and hopefully some valuable insights that will leave you feeling inspired and equipped to flourish in real life.

It Actually Happened in Church

Some things don’t need to be said. Things like; “ministry is tough,” or “working for the church is really 3 full time jobs.” We get it. But, we also have an incredible seat to some of the most entertaining, mortifying, embarrassing and hilarious moments that were intended to be serious, mournful, joyous, momentous, and dare I say, holy! On each episode of the It Actually Happened in Church Podcast we will unpack the funny side of ministry and leave the serious side for more reverent Reverends. Let’s truly “consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, when we encounter trials of many kinds,” and laugh at them when we can.