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December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas From Littlerock Community Church!


I am currently the Head of Staff at Littlerock Community Church and a candidate for ordination through ECO. Our church joined ECO just about a year ago and God has truly blessed us in the past year. We are a small church located in California’s Antelope Valley and so some of this may seem quite insignificant compared to our larger sister churches. But in the past year, we started an adult Sunday School class which now averages around 15-17 every week and growing! We also re-started a children’s Sunday School class that now has between 8-12 children each week. We started a Saturday morning book study (currently reading through Max Lucado’s book on Grace) which has around 8 people each week. Our growth had been stagnant, but during the past year, we have added 6 new members and I have had the privilege of baptizing four individuals!

Our people now truly feel challenged to “think outside of the box” and as a result, in addition to our normal Christmas caroling to members who are shut-in, we contacted a local “senior” mobile home park and asked if there were any residents that would like us to come. We were given several names, so we were able to minister to them on a Friday night. Every home that we sang to wanted to know the name of the church that we represented and we are already seeing some of their relatives coming to visit us!

Another one of our wonderful ladies was contacted by the Palmdale Chamber of Commerce and asked if our church ever considered entering a float in the Palmdale Christmas Parade. To make a long story short, we decided that we would enter, never dreaming that we would win any awards. Our people just felt that this was a first for us and it was a great opportunity to advertise our church. I will also attach some of the pictures that are now being posted on Facebook. I can’t tell you how shocked we were when they stopped us at one of the first intersections to inform us that our float had won the “Judge’s Choice” award (1st Place)!

Someone had donated a trophy case to us just three weeks ago and we felt that with our growth we would need it for youth trophies once we got our youth group started up again, but God knew that we would need it sooner. So now we have our first trophy going up in our new trophy case! One year ago our average attendance was around 17-22. Right now we are averaging 40-50.

We want to express our thanks for being able to be part of ECO because it has truly freed us to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to our community in a great way!

Dr. Charles Pedersen
Head of Staff
Littlerock Community Church
7824 Pearblossom Highway
Littlerock, California 93543

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