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June 28, 2016

ECO Church Planting Network


Our desire as a denomination is to see churches planted that are gospel-centered, healthy, contextualized, and missional. We are excited to see new churches being planted throughout the United States. This is the first update/newsletter for the ECO Church Planting Network. Want to receive updates via email? Please subscribe. We will be sending these out on a monthly or quarterly basis. We will include prayer requests as well.

Today, we wanted you to be aware of some exciting updates and news.

1. Our new website is up and running! Check it out:

2. We have a new Church Planting Manual that will give an overview of our Vision,Values, 3-Year Plans, Process for Planting, and other important information. Click (HERE) to download.

3. As well, we will be having our First National Gathering for ECO church planters (current and prospective) on November 1st – 2nd at Highland Park Presbyterian Church ( in Dallas, TX. A separate email will be sent with more details.

We are excited for what the future holds for ECO church planting! Please keep praying for God to begin a movement in and through ECO.


Matthew Lee

National Church Planting Catalyst

Prayer Requests:

1. For existing church plants and plants that are ready to launch this year: Please pray for God’s guidance, provision, protection, and grace.

2. For the first National Gathering of ECO planters in November. Please pray for God’s Spirit to work powerfully in and through our time together.

3. Please pray for all the Church Planting Chairs/Teams as well as for me. Please pray that we will serve faithfully, humbly, and wisely.

4. Lastly, please pray that God would, by His grace and Spirit, start a movement of prayer and revitalization of existing ECO churches that would result in a movement of church planting.

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Matthew Lee

Rev. Dr. Matthew Lee has been involved in five church plants with a variety of denominations and organizations, most recently has done so with Evangelical Covenant Church. In two of those plants he has been the lead planter. He has coached church planters, been involved in church planting networks, and recently served as the Director of Church Planting Programs at Fuller Seminary. Matt has a Ph.D in Intercultural Studies from Biola University and comes highly recommended by many well respected individuals in the church planting field. Matt is married to Grace and they have two boys, Aaron and Elijah.

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Matthew Lee

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