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We help you build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ in an ever changing world.

Join the Presbyterian denomination built for the 21st Century




Many denominations haven't adapted their methods as culture has shifted.

Others have embraced culture to a detriment and risk losing the essence of who they are and the rich heritage of our faith. It’s left many church leaders – whether you’re a current pastor, a church planter, or lay leader – wondering who to turn to as they seek to apply Reformed theology in today’s world.

Since 2012, we’ve helped over 400 churches start and strengthen new approaches to the mission and ministry of the Church.

Church Planting

Current Churches

Are you leading a church and looking for a denomination to be a part of? When you join ECO, you get the distinctives of a denomination but the freedom of a network.

Current Plants

While some leaders try ministry alone, we believe that life in community offers the care and creativity needed to help you fulfill the mission of the Church.

What Makes ECO Unique?

You will get the distinctives of a denomination with the freedom of a network.
You will get to be a part of a community
that challenges you to constantly grow.
You will receive resources to help you build flourishing churches.
You will strengthen your church’s impact based on the needs in your community and world.

ECO was started because we recognized existing methods of ministry were no longer effective in today's culture.

The world is a confusing place and churches need a guide to help them innovate. Our Reformed convictions ground us and guide us as we adapt our methods to reach a shifting culture.

Click below to download Five Ways We Are Reimagining Church.

Ready to strengthen your church’s impact in an ever changing world?

Church planting, denominational support, and ministry resources are what we do.
Discover what partnership with ECO looks like for your church.
Together we can build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.

You don’t have to abandon your
convictions to effectively reach your community.