2023 MIF

2023 ECO Ministry Information Form (MIF)

2023 Ministry Information Form (MIF)

Clicking the button above will automatically save a copy of the form to your downloads.

Note that the process is thorough and does take some time to complete, so plan ahead! We recommend that you:

  • Determine which staff and leaders you will need to fill out certain areas of the form.
  • Choose one person who is in charge of circulating the MIF among other staff, finalizing data, and submitting the MIF. Please ensure to send this email to that individual, providing them with the link to submit your MIF.
  • Print the MIF and circulate it to appropriate staff in order to gather all necessary information from your leaders. To view/print the MIF, go to: eco-pres.org/2023mif
  • Submit the MIF by March 31st, 2024.

Ready to Submit Your MIF?

Ensure that you have the completed MIF readily available, containing all necessary information for a seamless transfer of data to the online submission form.